Principal Investigator


ruiRui Zhang, PhD

Dr. Zhang is McKnight Presidential Fellow and Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems in College of Pharmacy and the Institute for Health Informatics. He is also a faculty in Master's of Science in Data Science program. His research interests are clinical natural language processing, text mining, literature-based discovery, complementary and alternative medicine informatics, machine learning, and statistic analysis.




Research Programmer


Jake      Jake Vasilakes, MS

       MS, Speech and Language Processing, University of Edinburgh






PhD Students


Yefeng    Yefeng Wang, MS 

     PhD candidate in Health Informatics (2015-present)

     MS, Chemistry, University of Minnesota

     BS, Chemistry, Peking University



sicheng       Sicheng Zhou, MS

        PhD student in Health Informatics (Data Science track) (2018-present)

        MS, Health Informatics, University of Texas Health Scince Center at Houston

        BS, Pharmaceutical Science (The National Scientific Base of Life Science Education), China Pharmaceutical University




PharmD Students



     Yifan Li, BS

      PharmD student (2017-)

         * Receiving summer Melendy/Peters Research Scholarship

      BS, Pharmceutial Sciences, Peking University





Master's Students


Ruyuan     Ruyuan Wan 

      Master's Student in Data Science (2019-present)

      BA, Statistics, Univerisity of Minntesota - Twin Cities





Anu Bompelli 

Master's Student in Health Informatics (2019-present)




Rubina Rizvi     Rubina Rizvi, MD, PhD

      PhD, Health Informatics, University of Minnesota

      MBBS, Dow Medical College

      Currently Physician Health Services Researcher, IBM Health






Yadan      Yadan Fan, PhD 

        PhD candidate in Health Informatics (2015-present)

        * Awarded as Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, 2018-2019

        BS, Information Managment and Information System (Medicine), China Medical University

       Currently Senoir Research Scientist at Nuance Health. 



david      David Marc, PhD

       PhD (2016) , Health Informatics, University of Minnesota

       Currently Health Informatics Graduate Program Director and Assistant Professor at The College of St. Scholastica






Thao     Thao Nguyen, MS

      Master's student in Data Science (2019), University of Minnesota

      BS, Statistics and Biology Science, Mount Holyoke College

      Currently Data Analyst at Utilimarc





      Wendi Zhao, MD, MHI 

       Master's in Health Informatics (2018), University of Minnesota

       Currently DHM Clarity Data Manager/CLIIR Data Analyst at University of California San Francisco





Miao     Miao Yu, MS 

      Master's student in Statistics

      BS, Statistics, Central University of Finance and Economics 





Mivdi      Nivedha Manohar, MHI

       Master's in Health Informatics (2015), University of Minnesota       

       Currently Clinical Data Analyst at West Side Community Health Services





xi     Xi Chen, MS

      MS, Computer Science (2017), University of Minnesota

      Research Assistant (2016-2017),

      Currently Software Engineer at BlackRock Inc.




    Gopal Sarda, MS

     MS, Computer Science (2017), University of Minnesota

     Research Assistant (2016-2017) 

     Currently Senior Software Engineer at ServiceNow



empty     Xi Chen, MS

      MS, Computer Science (2016), University of Minnesota 

      Research Assistant (2015-2016) 

      Currently Software Engineer at Google.




Mian        Mian Li, MS

         MS, Computer Science (2015), University of Minnesota

         Research Assistant (2014-2015) 

         Currently Staff Engineer at Thread Research







Yutong         Yutong Li, BS

           MS, Computer Science (2017), University of Minnesota

           Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) awardee (Spring 2016)

           Currently Developer at Benefit Resource, Inc.




Dingwei      Devin (Dingwei) Deng

       Undergraduate student in Computer Scince

       Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) awardee






Yuanhao      Yuanhao Ruan

        Undergraduate student in Computer Scince

        Currently Master's student in Computer Science in Yale University