We have openings for research programmerspostdoctoral associates, and RA positions for graduate students in data science, computer science and/or health informatics. Feel free to send your CV, top 3 publications if any, and cover letter to Dr. Rui Zhang ([email protected]) for considerations. 

Prospective PhD applications can apply directly through Health Informatics and/or BICB programs and mention Prof. Zhang as their potential advisor on their application documents.


Principal Investigator


Rui Zhang, PhD, FAMIA

Dr. Zhang is Founding Chief of Division of Computational Health Sciences and Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery. He is named as McKnight Presidential Fellow and the Director of NLP/IE research program. He is Scientific Co-Director of Innovative Methods & Data Science program in the Center for Learning Health Systems Science. Dr. Zhang is a graduate faculty in  Data ScienceBICB and SAPh graduate programs. His research interests are clinical NLP and LLM, text mining, knowledge graph and discovery, complementary and integrative health informatics, machine learning. His research has been supported by NCCIH, NIA, NCI, NIMDH, NIKDD, ODS, AHRQ and Medtronic. Dr. Zhang serves on multiple NIH study sections and JAMIA Editorial Board, and Chair-elect of AMIA NLP Working group.


Current Members

Research Scientist  &  Postdoctoral Associate

Ying Liu, PhD

research scientist 


Yu Hou, PhD

Yu Hou
research scientist


Mousumi Roy, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Shuang Zhou, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

Jia Li, PhD

Jia li
Postdoctoral Associate


Mingchen Li




PhD Student

Sicheng Zhou

PhD candicate

Huixue Zhou

PhD student

Yongkang Xiao

PhD student

Han Yang

han yang
PhD student

Master Student

Navanshu Khare

Data Science


Shifa Siddiqui

Data Science


SriHarshitha Anuganti

Data Science








Postdoctoral Associate

PhD Students

PharmD/MHI Students

Master students

Undergraduate students

High School Students

  • Athena Wang (Philips Exeter Academy), named as AMIA High School Scholar, 2022  
  • Andrew Wang (Wayzata High School), Named as AMIA High School Scholar, 2021
  • Nathan Wu (Wayzata High School)
  • Andrew Yang (Wayzata High School, currently engineering student in Columbia University), Named as AMIA High School Scholar, 2020
  • Caroline Zeng (Wayzata High School, currently CS student in Stanford University)
  • Alex Cheng   (Breck High School, currently in Columbia University), named as AMIA High School Scholar, 2017
  • Samuel Aronson  (Breck High School), named as AMIA High School Scholar, 2017